Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am the child of God, the one I have not seen..
I sit in the ocean bed to see a white bird fly west..
In the blue horizon I belong and the waters that wave..
I stand firmly, not moving a inch, it's you who drag me..
And hit me with the same love, as you used to do before..
I am a genius in opening up the wrapper, that I am in..
To show the world that, mate, I am not lonely anymore..
Blessed I am, to have seen the world before I open my eyes..
I'l read every landmark that would lead me to you, in hymn..
For the twinkle in my eyes, It's you, that I see..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Still Love..

I have seen you grow, to glow from where you stand..
Love, although I try to avoid you, forget you, look at you..
As it feels, to feel like a royal in midst of roaming crowd..
I am not in love with you, nor is the world with me..
But I breathe here, bath here, bed here, buy here..
In my path..
I wont carry the laurels which people shower on me..
I wont carry the recognitions that I gain from the peers..
I wont carry the bread that I get at each moonfall..
I wont carry the darkness that I think I am surrounded..
I wont carry the love I longed for, as I still see you in it..

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Cliff hanger, as that is rightly called, dilemma of choosing..
This ain't the one which would lead one to the one breath..
Nor to the place that is governed by Godman with shades..
Thunders that one hears is the voice that is hidden inside..
Won't wait for the lightning to kiss the cheek..
Wonders, are hence, are the beginners luck of the life..
More one travels, more is the chance to start..
On the notes, that has never been played exists..
Let the track change or let, change the track, dilemma..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love and A Life..

You were walking at a distance which I could see, or which that I could feel..
The space between us was not that far that I would forget you..
Not that close too that I would someday step into your footprints..
Breeze blowing and your long dark hair singing a song..
Well, I din't get carried away, it was you who I found in myself..
You walked a mile to look back at the mile you covered..
Gloomy shadow hadn't turned around although you did..
It was still following you, not with an eye to follow you..
So is the destiny, life would turnaround in a day, but not the stone..

Sunday, September 4, 2011


May be I am not the soul who'll wait for you..
Moments you took just to smile at me, hmmm..
I never expected you to run the isle to hug me..
You stood smiling always, on my dream path..
May be you looked beautiful as you define glory..
May be you show colors as drops that fall..
May be the path which I'll toil may lead to you..
You would then want me, to be with you..
Success, hmmm, for the element you are..