Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I wish I wrote..

This time I won't speak about the feelings, the relationships..
I have seen you holding hands, my hands..
I was mesmerised, when you passed by..
Once I looked into your eyes, I din't have a word to speak..
I knew, I won't make a everlasting bond with you..

But listen, I live on a hope, on a hope that's like a bubble..
Flasing many colors, showing vigor, flying high..
Although, I feel you are gone, I have you, left in me..
Something that doesn't go when I wish..
People cry about the pain, they put it in  portraits ..
The one with your smile, I have bought..
Gave it a place in my heart, & every beat roars for you ..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I wish, I wish, that you will not come back..
To the place where I am not there..
To the place where our life had a rythm..
To the place where falling star twinkled every night..
To the place where we opened the eyes..
To the place where we never wanted to come..
Now, world is looking at us, as pioneers of change..
From being nowhere to somewhere, we have changed..
From being noone to someone, we have changed..
Lanes, we walked together, have changed..
Adieu, my friend, for all the golden times..

Monday, November 28, 2011

To a friend..

After a moment of thought, I speak..
Lines that come out here, will stay here..
Like a train passing through a dark tunnel..
We have seen the darkness, the light..
We have seen the sorrow, the joy..
We have seen the same face, but new smiles..
We have seen this period, new everytime..
My lines won't stop as the journey ends..
As it's not the end, just a change, a junction..
I pick up a stone here, put it in my bag..
Now it's heavy, with wishes, prayers..
And a hope to see the same train again..
And a sigh, that reckoned, my footprints..

Saturday, November 26, 2011


You may not have taught me anything that I remember..
It's just because of the darkness in me, but, wait..
You have blessed me before I asked for..
I thought things that I built, I see, is my own..
I felt proud, boast around with pride, in style..
But it's not, I read your name in every brick I see..
Now I breathe, I smile, cause is you..
Now I walk head held high, cause is you..
Now, you gifted me the god, child face in it..
Asking me to stay as a kid, to be a kid..
Is it someone who'll be there, to guide, to light the path..
Or is it someone who'll make your absence never to be felt..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Manipal,. You have thousand tales to say..
Never thought that I would have words to pay..
The birds, nested earlier here, have flew away..
Your elegance, the green bangles, have been shattered..
Every bit of you have been coined, people call it points..
I may eventually getover, but the spirit is always there..
It's not you, we get inspired here by each passing day..
This isn't a obituary, it's a melody, you made us croon..
Times fade, we walk, you be forever, forever..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love matters..

It's the coffee bean that sprout, fragnance in the air..
I had you in my mind before I really saw you..
Now, you are in my mind breathing my moments..
I met you, to collect my dreams that I never wished.. 
I Dream to walk with you on a empty lane..
I Dream to cherish the smile which you bring..
I Dream to sit besides you to gaze at the stars..
Dreams, I Dream for you, of you, indeed, of you..
Words that came out, will come out, for you..
Tunes that I played, is yours, for my existence..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Get over..

Words I speak, is not what you said..
People talk about getting over it..
And say time heals every wound..
Well, the time, noone's aware of time.
I had been here for a while looking for you..
It's not that I din't meet you, It's you..
Words being crafted here, It's you..
Each word that I wrote here, It's you..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's you again..

I took a glossy bottle, fetched some flowing water..
Before I could turnaround, I recognised your foottaps..
It had the same rythm, of the day when I met you..
Heart started pacing up, as if it was in deep trouble..
Leaves that were floating seemed to laugh at me..
Laughing at my eagerness, randomness, thoughtfullness..
Next moment I see, in the reflection it wasn't you..
I opened up the bottle, and let the water flow..
Now I observe your image fade with the holy grin..

Monday, October 31, 2011

Changing times..

He had to pack his belongings, true guest..
It's a fact, we come here to leave it for the rest..
Dust of what he was, was getting cleansed after years..
He was smiling, at his self, at his transformation..
Then he din't  have to bow, he could hum any tune, head held high..
He could eat or sleep or think, or get what he wanted...
Now, time had changed, world remained the same..
Bidding goodbye,he din't want to see his friends forever..
Speaking stone had always remained firm with same pride..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red leaf..

This was something different, that made you think..
It seemed God had chosen this land to prove his talents..
A slanting valley, anyone would wish to breath his last..
As it's said, a smile in death is always more precious,.
You had made a monument that I would treasure..
But, wait, a big red leaf in a green dense forest..
I plucked it, wrote your name, blew it away to the wind..
Now, I see you fly, I see you smile, I see you dream..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shadow of the cloud..

I blinked my eyes, just to click those moments..
Maybe I feared that I would never comeback..
Maybe I would compare it with the fairytale heaven..
Maybe the tune that you'll sing will have this delight..
I wasn't travelling that day, it was the clouds that did..
Through the cut pastures and neatly sketched paintings..
I had gone to a land, where I could just dream of you..
I could only comeback as a Shadow of the cloud..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wrote for you..

I am amazed, to be a tiny part of the vast ocean..
Moments of joy that I saw, I felt, I smiled..
Dusk setting in, I hold the sun in the mirror that I have..
I try to make my path, midst the dark clouds..
For just, as I see you waiting for me with the umbrella..
Pouring rain, or the cold wind, I care a little..
That doesn't stop me either to breathe or live..
Or for the lines that I always wrote for you..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leaf in the book..

I see a moving train, sigh, I don't board it..
I walk to see the sun following me..
I had looked into your eyes, to spot a dot..
It had a pack of expressions, but not for me..
I had seen you come close, me to myself..
You aren't the one for whom I had waited ..
Just that our paths crossed, a gamble of God..
I see you go, in the shadows of time..
As does the leaf that fall, what a sight..
I pick one for you, for your memory, for your love..

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Unusual, people complain the world is blue..
I see a canvas in front of your brown eyes..
That has me painted in it, in a countryside road..
The occasional twinkles and the shines, amuses me..
Mother of creation, as you have always been..
To the beautiful things that I see, that exists..
I run to catch a glimpse of palette that you have..
The white, had green, had blue, had red, then white..
I know to discover the magic you flaunt and boast..
Picture shaping up, had a smile, a white smile..

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am the child of God, the one I have not seen..
I sit in the ocean bed to see a white bird fly west..
In the blue horizon I belong and the waters that wave..
I stand firmly, not moving a inch, it's you who drag me..
And hit me with the same love, as you used to do before..
I am a genius in opening up the wrapper, that I am in..
To show the world that, mate, I am not lonely anymore..
Blessed I am, to have seen the world before I open my eyes..
I'l read every landmark that would lead me to you, in hymn..
For the twinkle in my eyes, It's you, that I see..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Still Love..

I have seen you grow, to glow from where you stand..
Love, although I try to avoid you, forget you, look at you..
As it feels, to feel like a royal in midst of roaming crowd..
I am not in love with you, nor is the world with me..
But I breathe here, bath here, bed here, buy here..
In my path..
I wont carry the laurels which people shower on me..
I wont carry the recognitions that I gain from the peers..
I wont carry the bread that I get at each moonfall..
I wont carry the darkness that I think I am surrounded..
I wont carry the love I longed for, as I still see you in it..

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Cliff hanger, as that is rightly called, dilemma of choosing..
This ain't the one which would lead one to the one breath..
Nor to the place that is governed by Godman with shades..
Thunders that one hears is the voice that is hidden inside..
Won't wait for the lightning to kiss the cheek..
Wonders, are hence, are the beginners luck of the life..
More one travels, more is the chance to start..
On the notes, that has never been played exists..
Let the track change or let, change the track, dilemma..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love and A Life..

You were walking at a distance which I could see, or which that I could feel..
The space between us was not that far that I would forget you..
Not that close too that I would someday step into your footprints..
Breeze blowing and your long dark hair singing a song..
Well, I din't get carried away, it was you who I found in myself..
You walked a mile to look back at the mile you covered..
Gloomy shadow hadn't turned around although you did..
It was still following you, not with an eye to follow you..
So is the destiny, life would turnaround in a day, but not the stone..

Sunday, September 4, 2011


May be I am not the soul who'll wait for you..
Moments you took just to smile at me, hmmm..
I never expected you to run the isle to hug me..
You stood smiling always, on my dream path..
May be you looked beautiful as you define glory..
May be you show colors as drops that fall..
May be the path which I'll toil may lead to you..
You would then want me, to be with you..
Success, hmmm, for the element you are..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stone Speaks..

You think that you are inferior,Not a conventional way to start..

Smaller you are, more focussed is the sleeping shadow..
It's the smallest butterflies, we see, fills in the joys..
You have marched forward, looking to grow tall..
It's the time, which builds it up, so is the path..
Losing track doesn't matter, song must go on..
I play the flute of life as it cannot play on itself..

A flower blooms more than once..
This stone would wither, not its eternal soul.. 
To guide the visitor to his unseen destiny, I spoke..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Loose Control..

Winds, the dancing waves, and the drizzling drops..
Stop the world for a second and see the footprints..

The passion in your heart says you are alive..

Bigger marks of foot had more water invading inside..
To the territory which you have set foot to conquer..
Or the desire which lights up your spirit to sail..
Be the magician to look into eyes of golden fish..
Times which flies'll drop the hymns for the destiny..

Person you are, path that has to be traversed is drawn..
Be the change, take breath, set sail, loose control..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take a breath..

Moving trees made me realise the splendor of nature..
Perl of fresh air had given me a hope to breathe..
To the song which I sing will be sung in a new sanity..

Drizzling rain had a story to say, a beautiful story..
Sparkling glimpses of raising clouds from the valley..
I lean to a blackstone just to inhale this magic..
Mesmeizing waterfall was added to make it perfect..
The time spent in search of the existence looked valuable..
I was not discovered, I had a breath to breathe..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Falling tears..

The drops which fall are countless, but it fell..
To the deep blue ocean, I realised it din't really fall..
Felt that it had just passed through the boundless horizon..
To the people who sit to see it had the awakening..
Different angles, different places, same drops..
It was the pretty round pebble which had bubbles calling..
I wonder, if it's the flower which has beamed in hunt of light..
The way, which I thought the way it would be..
I am not the one who gaze at the star to twinkle..
I live, with the new ways unfolding, to it's beauty..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sailing waters..

Stunning waters had a story to say..
On the plains of glory, for the everlasting moonlight..
I was just a particle of the immense universe..
To make things realise that, hey that's what you are..
Coast winds carried the fragnance of a thought..
Or an idea to read a leaf of the passing life..
Stone, has toiled days and days to stay intact..
Not to the flowing river, nor to the passing wind..
The toast of presence is the boat to destiny..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is it the beginning..

To leave a place for the eternity, is a art..
A bird wasn't told it's place, nor where it belongs..
It had the open sky to fly and the melody to sing..
Barren terrains had them the sweet water to feed ..
So what are we, mere puppet of the scenario..
Great actors of fairytale that we make..
Sprinkle of joy has inspired the journey..
As it's only about the number of breathtaking moments..
Hence I sit to figure out the diversity, true flavors..
Stories that start has to have the perfect ends..
I breathe, in the dilemma, of the new beginning..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morning walk...

Hence I start to see her, it's the mixed emotion..

Days which passed have looked for themselves in the mirror..
Charity of heart to believe the truth just blossomed like a flower..
More I complicate, more I think of you..
It's good when we walk a unknown path..
In the quest of shining Armour which was never there..
Rain drops which you promised have shown rainbow in them..
Seven colors, seven flavors, seven tastes, seven ways..
All that I can say is I'll see you again..
Crossed paths has given me a thought of existence..
May be for a split second or for the falling times...

Monday, July 11, 2011

In the land..

I am in the land where I walk to see the light...
Every Rangoli that I see is just another illusion...
Where kids use the iron gate to play a English game as their net..
The buzz of the insects has just risen to see ever falling sun..
Water that flows is blue and so is the sky...
It's the same place but I am not the same...
Thoughts which are lost have lost their existence...
A visitor always lives to love the changing water..
Love the changes in the world or get used to be the frog..
Life evolves,Man evolves,And the Destiny too...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

free to fly

Yes, Birds kept on wandering on the open blue sky...
Through the lines which are just imaginary or the thought just is ...
As it is said-it's the same path, same stone, same noon...
It's just the new vision and the new day...
The essence of the purity is the flower which I see everyday...
The clarity of the water is the crystal which I wish everyday...
Words just seem great, but it's ain't the talent show...
The show which is going on and we have been watched...
Beauty which fades with the freedom isn't my last line...
Yes, I am a bird and I am free to fly. and here to fly...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It rained..

The rain drops flashing on my face reminded me of few things..
When I had discovered that a path always leads to another..
But this one was something different, or in a way a newone..
Moments, where I was searching for the words which I couldn't recollect..
Newly built road had the beauty to attract any traveller to discover himself..
Streetlights just looked like the pebels disowned by a little kid playing..
Each stone on the way told it's glorious stories and led the Nomad..
The time it spent, the beating it took, the people it saw..
As popularly said- It goes on ...
The Path.. The Quest....And the Rain..

Friday, May 27, 2011

when the year fall..

As to start with, life seems very perfect.
Perfect climate, perfect sunshine, perfect wind, perfect glow.
The train starts, and the energy is just awesome.
The most awaited journey, to the place where you belong, to the home.
Somebody has rightly said, path is more beautiful than the destiny.
Promise to comeback again with the same smile in the face.
Beautiful eyes revealed its failure to look into the future or to look into moving times.
When I comeback it's the new place, new water and the new air, with the shadow of the raindrops in my bag.