Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I wish I wrote..

This time I won't speak about the feelings, the relationships..
I have seen you holding hands, my hands..
I was mesmerised, when you passed by..
Once I looked into your eyes, I din't have a word to speak..
I knew, I won't make a everlasting bond with you..

But listen, I live on a hope, on a hope that's like a bubble..
Flasing many colors, showing vigor, flying high..
Although, I feel you are gone, I have you, left in me..
Something that doesn't go when I wish..
People cry about the pain, they put it in  portraits ..
The one with your smile, I have bought..
Gave it a place in my heart, & every beat roars for you ..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I wish, I wish, that you will not come back..
To the place where I am not there..
To the place where our life had a rythm..
To the place where falling star twinkled every night..
To the place where we opened the eyes..
To the place where we never wanted to come..
Now, world is looking at us, as pioneers of change..
From being nowhere to somewhere, we have changed..
From being noone to someone, we have changed..
Lanes, we walked together, have changed..
Adieu, my friend, for all the golden times..