Well, May 2011, I started this blog "with the shadow of the raindrops in my bag". Early monsoon's of June did the best to bring out these words "The Path.. The Quest....And the Rain.." and inspired me to have a "new vision and the new day".

Relocation is the best possible thing to happen if you are looking for a change. It happened, I was hoping that it wasn't "just another illusion". Morning walks, each day, in the "unknown path" made me wonder, made me breathe, "in the dilemma, of the new beginning". July was beautiful.

August came, from nowhere I started believing that "I was just a particle of the immense universe". "New ways unfolding" made me lean to a "blackstone just to inhale this magic" and say it to myself, "The passion in your heart says you are alive". Thus the desire to "guide the visitor to his unseen destiny" was born!

Heart said "hmmmm", September had come. Your "long dark hair singing a song" put me in "dilemma". I was not in "love with you, nor was the world with me" but for the "twinkle in my eyes, It's you, that I see"!

Confusions led me to October with "The white, had green, had blue, had red, then white". A "Leaf in the book" had the lines that "I always wrote for you". To take a time out, we went on a excursion to meet "Shadow of the cloud". It was "monument that I would treasure" , forever, in the life's "changing times".

November was the last month at college, so I let her image "fade with the holy grin" and attained much awaited-needed "get over"."Tunes that I played" were for you, "Manipal", unforgettable "teacher" who crafted me and made me feel blessed with amazingly wonderful "Friends".

"Adieu", to all, to the year, it was December! . Amazing moments, breathtaking visuals and an tremendous overall development. In the process, lot of inputs, comments, suggestions and most importantly, happiness. I wrote in the final note -

"People cry about the pain, they put it in portraits..
The one with your smile, I have bought..
Gave it a place in my heart, & every beat roars for you .."