Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is it the beginning..

To leave a place for the eternity, is a art..
A bird wasn't told it's place, nor where it belongs..
It had the open sky to fly and the melody to sing..
Barren terrains had them the sweet water to feed ..
So what are we, mere puppet of the scenario..
Great actors of fairytale that we make..
Sprinkle of joy has inspired the journey..
As it's only about the number of breathtaking moments..
Hence I sit to figure out the diversity, true flavors..
Stories that start has to have the perfect ends..
I breathe, in the dilemma, of the new beginning..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morning walk...

Hence I start to see her, it's the mixed emotion..

Days which passed have looked for themselves in the mirror..
Charity of heart to believe the truth just blossomed like a flower..
More I complicate, more I think of you..
It's good when we walk a unknown path..
In the quest of shining Armour which was never there..
Rain drops which you promised have shown rainbow in them..
Seven colors, seven flavors, seven tastes, seven ways..
All that I can say is I'll see you again..
Crossed paths has given me a thought of existence..
May be for a split second or for the falling times...

Monday, July 11, 2011

In the land..

I am in the land where I walk to see the light...
Every Rangoli that I see is just another illusion...
Where kids use the iron gate to play a English game as their net..
The buzz of the insects has just risen to see ever falling sun..
Water that flows is blue and so is the sky...
It's the same place but I am not the same...
Thoughts which are lost have lost their existence...
A visitor always lives to love the changing water..
Love the changes in the world or get used to be the frog..
Life evolves,Man evolves,And the Destiny too...