Monday, November 28, 2011

To a friend..

After a moment of thought, I speak..
Lines that come out here, will stay here..
Like a train passing through a dark tunnel..
We have seen the darkness, the light..
We have seen the sorrow, the joy..
We have seen the same face, but new smiles..
We have seen this period, new everytime..
My lines won't stop as the journey ends..
As it's not the end, just a change, a junction..
I pick up a stone here, put it in my bag..
Now it's heavy, with wishes, prayers..
And a hope to see the same train again..
And a sigh, that reckoned, my footprints..

Saturday, November 26, 2011


You may not have taught me anything that I remember..
It's just because of the darkness in me, but, wait..
You have blessed me before I asked for..
I thought things that I built, I see, is my own..
I felt proud, boast around with pride, in style..
But it's not, I read your name in every brick I see..
Now I breathe, I smile, cause is you..
Now I walk head held high, cause is you..
Now, you gifted me the god, child face in it..
Asking me to stay as a kid, to be a kid..
Is it someone who'll be there, to guide, to light the path..
Or is it someone who'll make your absence never to be felt..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Manipal,. You have thousand tales to say..
Never thought that I would have words to pay..
The birds, nested earlier here, have flew away..
Your elegance, the green bangles, have been shattered..
Every bit of you have been coined, people call it points..
I may eventually getover, but the spirit is always there..
It's not you, we get inspired here by each passing day..
This isn't a obituary, it's a melody, you made us croon..
Times fade, we walk, you be forever, forever..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love matters..

It's the coffee bean that sprout, fragnance in the air..
I had you in my mind before I really saw you..
Now, you are in my mind breathing my moments..
I met you, to collect my dreams that I never wished.. 
I Dream to walk with you on a empty lane..
I Dream to cherish the smile which you bring..
I Dream to sit besides you to gaze at the stars..
Dreams, I Dream for you, of you, indeed, of you..
Words that came out, will come out, for you..
Tunes that I played, is yours, for my existence..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Get over..

Words I speak, is not what you said..
People talk about getting over it..
And say time heals every wound..
Well, the time, noone's aware of time.
I had been here for a while looking for you..
It's not that I din't meet you, It's you..
Words being crafted here, It's you..
Each word that I wrote here, It's you..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's you again..

I took a glossy bottle, fetched some flowing water..
Before I could turnaround, I recognised your foottaps..
It had the same rythm, of the day when I met you..
Heart started pacing up, as if it was in deep trouble..
Leaves that were floating seemed to laugh at me..
Laughing at my eagerness, randomness, thoughtfullness..
Next moment I see, in the reflection it wasn't you..
I opened up the bottle, and let the water flow..
Now I observe your image fade with the holy grin..