Monday, January 30, 2012


I hear the tickling sound of the clock..
Never felt the gap between moments..
Every pause, Every pulse, made me breathe..
Lot of unfamiliar faces I see around..
Lot of people holding hands and walk..
Lot of vehicles in a hurry to reach the end..
I think about the place that used to be my endpoint..
Where greenery enriched the beauty of landscape..
Where I had time to imagine the flowing waters..
Where I had option to choose over seashores..
Where I had stories to read from every stone..
I smile, glimpses of familiar faces in my eyes, I smile..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

White Rose..

Words seem to have dried up..
In a desert that has a red rose..
The one, that I planted for you..
Daily toil has made it smile..
Now I wish these petals float..
In a bowl of water I have fetched..
Which would survive in my quest..
Of another rose, & the white petals..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After a break..

I went on a quest for new words..
Thirty days are too long, a moon's journey..
I had a pact, not to comeback with old sentiments..
Sentiments, the feelings, those I never felt..
I lay down to see the blue sky giggle at me..
At my experiements, at my experiences..
I notice a new energy, beaming out of my eyes..
As if it's a new dawn, new road, new world..
I welcome, in a old diary, a new story..