Monday, October 31, 2011

Changing times..

He had to pack his belongings, true guest..
It's a fact, we come here to leave it for the rest..
Dust of what he was, was getting cleansed after years..
He was smiling, at his self, at his transformation..
Then he din't  have to bow, he could hum any tune, head held high..
He could eat or sleep or think, or get what he wanted...
Now, time had changed, world remained the same..
Bidding goodbye,he din't want to see his friends forever..
Speaking stone had always remained firm with same pride..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red leaf..

This was something different, that made you think..
It seemed God had chosen this land to prove his talents..
A slanting valley, anyone would wish to breath his last..
As it's said, a smile in death is always more precious,.
You had made a monument that I would treasure..
But, wait, a big red leaf in a green dense forest..
I plucked it, wrote your name, blew it away to the wind..
Now, I see you fly, I see you smile, I see you dream..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shadow of the cloud..

I blinked my eyes, just to click those moments..
Maybe I feared that I would never comeback..
Maybe I would compare it with the fairytale heaven..
Maybe the tune that you'll sing will have this delight..
I wasn't travelling that day, it was the clouds that did..
Through the cut pastures and neatly sketched paintings..
I had gone to a land, where I could just dream of you..
I could only comeback as a Shadow of the cloud..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wrote for you..

I am amazed, to be a tiny part of the vast ocean..
Moments of joy that I saw, I felt, I smiled..
Dusk setting in, I hold the sun in the mirror that I have..
I try to make my path, midst the dark clouds..
For just, as I see you waiting for me with the umbrella..
Pouring rain, or the cold wind, I care a little..
That doesn't stop me either to breathe or live..
Or for the lines that I always wrote for you..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leaf in the book..

I see a moving train, sigh, I don't board it..
I walk to see the sun following me..
I had looked into your eyes, to spot a dot..
It had a pack of expressions, but not for me..
I had seen you come close, me to myself..
You aren't the one for whom I had waited ..
Just that our paths crossed, a gamble of God..
I see you go, in the shadows of time..
As does the leaf that fall, what a sight..
I pick one for you, for your memory, for your love..

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Unusual, people complain the world is blue..
I see a canvas in front of your brown eyes..
That has me painted in it, in a countryside road..
The occasional twinkles and the shines, amuses me..
Mother of creation, as you have always been..
To the beautiful things that I see, that exists..
I run to catch a glimpse of palette that you have..
The white, had green, had blue, had red, then white..
I know to discover the magic you flaunt and boast..
Picture shaping up, had a smile, a white smile..