Monday, August 29, 2011

Stone Speaks..

You think that you are inferior,Not a conventional way to start..

Smaller you are, more focussed is the sleeping shadow..
It's the smallest butterflies, we see, fills in the joys..
You have marched forward, looking to grow tall..
It's the time, which builds it up, so is the path..
Losing track doesn't matter, song must go on..
I play the flute of life as it cannot play on itself..

A flower blooms more than once..
This stone would wither, not its eternal soul.. 
To guide the visitor to his unseen destiny, I spoke..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Loose Control..

Winds, the dancing waves, and the drizzling drops..
Stop the world for a second and see the footprints..

The passion in your heart says you are alive..

Bigger marks of foot had more water invading inside..
To the territory which you have set foot to conquer..
Or the desire which lights up your spirit to sail..
Be the magician to look into eyes of golden fish..
Times which flies'll drop the hymns for the destiny..

Person you are, path that has to be traversed is drawn..
Be the change, take breath, set sail, loose control..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take a breath..

Moving trees made me realise the splendor of nature..
Perl of fresh air had given me a hope to breathe..
To the song which I sing will be sung in a new sanity..

Drizzling rain had a story to say, a beautiful story..
Sparkling glimpses of raising clouds from the valley..
I lean to a blackstone just to inhale this magic..
Mesmeizing waterfall was added to make it perfect..
The time spent in search of the existence looked valuable..
I was not discovered, I had a breath to breathe..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Falling tears..

The drops which fall are countless, but it fell..
To the deep blue ocean, I realised it din't really fall..
Felt that it had just passed through the boundless horizon..
To the people who sit to see it had the awakening..
Different angles, different places, same drops..
It was the pretty round pebble which had bubbles calling..
I wonder, if it's the flower which has beamed in hunt of light..
The way, which I thought the way it would be..
I am not the one who gaze at the star to twinkle..
I live, with the new ways unfolding, to it's beauty..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sailing waters..

Stunning waters had a story to say..
On the plains of glory, for the everlasting moonlight..
I was just a particle of the immense universe..
To make things realise that, hey that's what you are..
Coast winds carried the fragnance of a thought..
Or an idea to read a leaf of the passing life..
Stone, has toiled days and days to stay intact..
Not to the flowing river, nor to the passing wind..
The toast of presence is the boat to destiny..